LOGI is in the mood to celebrate today!
At the LOGI office there is a map of Europe and on it we mark all the countries where our fire pits continue to delight and light up the lives and gardens of their owners.
But now we must exchange it for a map of the world since our fire pits are finally reaching the other end of the pond.

This month our first fire pit has very quickly and safely reached its new home in the U.S.


Many thanks to our dear customer, we hope your fire pit will keep you warm and happy!

And thank you Robin Wight and Wire Sculpture by Fantasy wire, without whom we couldn’t possibly make such magical fire pits with fairies and dandelions to delight our customers with.?

If you love this fire pit as much as we do and would like your own or any other, don’t hesitate to message us!!!

On Monday it was all packed up and ready for lift off and Friday its new owner shared this photo with us!!