Logi Team can already boast of several Metal Garden Art Bespoke Projects dedicated to big cities and market towns – each of these designs was important to us, however this product was particularly special.

Once upon a time (in the land of social networks) a new customer turned to us. He tasked us with the creation of a fire pit dedicated to Birmingham, the glorious city where he was born.

In combining the brutality of metal and the art of engineering this absolute work of art came to be. And we think it’s as beautiful as our favourite city.
Displaying all the richness and vibrancy of the wonderful Birmingham in excellent detail. With some popular and beloved landmarks which we had the pleasure of examining and recreating making it a true masterpiece. Places that our client loves and also some places that we recreated from his memories.

This was a true test of our skill and we think it turned out very well. But most importantly it made our client happy! A truly rewarding experience when you can bring someone’s wishes into reality.