Laser Services

Logi doesn't just offer ready-made metal garden art products, we also provide a bespoke service for manufacturing a variety of products from metal with a personalised design - a piece to make your home or garden truly unique.

Logi likes to help ordinary people who need some assistance with taking their idea and producing a beautiful piece of metal art - our customers want their products to be unique, beautiful, practical, and inexpensive, and we want what's best for our customers.

We are a company you can just call up if you cannot find what you need at the garden centre or online.

If you need

A fence with a custom design, size, shape Piece of Metal Garden Art based on your children's drawings A Gift to make a loved one happy on their birthday

do not hesitate to contact us with any dream or idea.

Our mission is to help you create a unique piece of metal, or glass to transform your house into a home. We have everything you need to bring to life any idea, even one drawn on a paper napkin:


Professional designers and Artists Engineers and Experienced Craftsmen A production facility with modern equipment necessary to work with metal

We are a small family business and so in our day to day work we are guided by family values- respect for each other, love and passion for our work and what we create.

Sometimes we continue to come up with new ideas during family dinner or run to the workshop during the weekend if we come up with any brilliant ideas on how to make our products even better. We are constantly improving our production- we have all sorts of equipment for metal work.

Here you can see photos from our production and some of our people.

We won't list all the machines we use and their technical characteristics, firstly this would be quite boring, and secondly, we are always happy to have guests. Come to our production site to get acquainted with all the machines that make the magic happen, tell us what you would like us to create.

We are constantly showing off our new products on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube social media platforms, some of which you can find in the Bespoke products section.

If you would like to find out more about our capabilities, please contact us by email or phone.

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