This product is so unique and so rare even , it is after all handmade, the true epitome of Arts and Crafts.










These panels are unique all round but especially in the ground-breaking technology that we use ? the paradox of combining the crudeness of metal and fragility of glass makes these one of a kind and we hope you think so too because you can take part in the creation of your very own!!!









We think these panels are very special, because they’re so beautiful also because they are entirely revolutionary. We’ve taken on a new hallenge with this complex but fun new technology, fusing metal and glass.










LOGI plans are vast and ambitious- we want to produce

  • fences, patio screens,
  • planters,
  • pergolas, arches, lean-to-patio arches and arbores – using this technique – COMBINING GLASS AND METAL so your garden can match perfectly, as well as some exciting products to decorate the entrance to your homes.

    We’ll be actively sharing these products and designs as we go along so you can join in the process too.