The Logi team loves to make Metal Garden Art products dedicated to significant events. And what could be more important than your wedding day.  A fond, tender memory that will remain forever in photographs and videos. But with the hustle and bustle of life there isn’t always time to sit down and reminisce. A Logi firepit will serve as the perfect reminder and bring light and fire into your relationship.

We have included many intricate personal details on this firepit

  • The engagement ring next to the welsh dragon- where the groom proposed
  • Vineyards in South Africa where the wedding was celebrated
  • Scuba gear, an old camper- hobbies of the newlyweds

 Logi fire pits are eternal just like the love between bride and groom. This is only because our firepits are the best on the market, both by design and execution. Bespoke Spherical Fire Pit WEDDING GIFT Parameters:

  • Diameter 0.9 m, Height 1.2 m.
  • This metal fire globe has a protective weather and heat resistant coating.
  • The base of this wood fire pit includes fixing holes for added stability.
  • And a handy built-in ash pan to reduce mess when cleaning up.

If you would like to order something with an individual design - please look at section BESPOKE PRODUCTS  and message or call  us. We would more than happy to bring any of your daring fantasies to life.

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