Bespoke Fire pit

Once upon a time an idea….

Here at LOGI, we do love ALL of our creations… the baby of them all, a bespoke fire pit dedicated to the Edinburgh has now become our favourite !

It has been a real challenge at every level, and we will share with you guys the its full story!

Logi loves a RHS show, and this year in RHS Chatsworth, we were approached by a potential customer who is living in Edinburgh and had a wonderful idea: a fire pit dedicated to their home city !
They sent us list of places which have personal meanings to them – EDINBURGH CASTLEFORTHRAIL BRIDGEJENNERSARTHUR’S SEAT and said that we can add some others.

We agreed on the places to include on the fire pit, and then, we had to get to work! 

We received it and work started – we proud that finally we created such nice product.

If you would like to order something with an individual design- please take a look at our examples in section BESPOKE PRODUCTS and message or call us because we would more than happy to bring any of your daring fantasies to life.