The Logi team is proud of the metal garden art that we produce, and not without reason – works of art are either unique or released in limited edition so we know that we produce only the best and rarest designs for our customers. Logi’s portfolio includes a huge number of custom-made metal garden art products – if you want to adorn your garden or patio with a personalized piece of metal art or order a bespoke product as a gift don’t hesitate to contact us.

Logi’s designers will help you create a fantastical laser cut piece of the highest quality. If you want a piece of metal garden décor which has practical applications as well choose a fence planter from Logi – every garden planter is of the highest quality with a HI definition laser cut design that distinguishes it from your everyday garden décor.

Our outdoor planter will serve you for many seasons to come as the metal is covered in weather – resistant paint. The biggest advantage of our planters is that it can be used as a fence plant pot or a privacy screen. A flexible design like that is all any garden needs.

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