The history of our company is unusual – it is the embodiment of an abundance of happy childhood memories and the tale of how a successful manager working for a large corporation decided to drop everything in a day and begin creating Metal Garden Art products.

About us – How it all started.


Well, it all really started as a child, I have very fond childhood memories of sitting outside in to the late evening listening to my mother and father tell stories of their life and reminisce about their past. A true family occasion. We would marshmallows or toast bread over our home-made fire pit. Essentially then, our fire pit was little more than an old oil barrel. 

About us – The talent of a craftsman

My father had an incredible talent, with some metal he could make almost anything. Furthermore, he possessed a remarkable creative flair. He also had the eye of a perfectionist. From an incredibly young age I spent most of my time working with my father in the shed on the ‘Next project’. And feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be taught metalwork from someone who truly epitomised the term “Master Craftsman”.

About us – Our first Fire pit

One day my father came home from work with an old oil barrel. I was still quite young, but I remember it vividly admiring the glow from our ‘Special Fire pit’ my father said, “What if we cut some shapes out of the barrel”? As a child excitedly stating. “I like ducks” (probably because I used to go and feed the ducks with my mother). The following day farther cut the duck shapes into the barrel. From that moment, it became a family tradition to sit around our fire pit and share thoughts, ideas and stories. I remember those times as if it were yesterday. I realise now, those were just the “best days ever”. 

About us – In conclusion.

As a result I started a company that produces products to help inspire others to take time with friends and family. To enjoy those special moments. We like to believe, at Logi Engineering we are creating more than simply beautiful products we are creating a catalyst. An opportunity to capture moments, those special times that will live on forever as fond memories.

Derek Leven

Managing Director – Logi Engineering Limited

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