Logi for Bordesley Green Primary School

We can finally officially present the finished design we created for Bordesley Green Primary School 
In each of the photographs we have put what the children thought of their new fence. 
These are the best reviews we have received, we are so happy about this project. 
The children were very excited about the new garden fence and could not wait to work out some of the puzzles. 

Some of the quotes from the children:
😍"I like the school values it helps me to remember them"
😍"I like working out which bee likes which flower"
😍"The school one is like the one on my jumper"
😍 "I think I've worked out the puzzle"
And Logi team is ready to get stuck into another project (the third of its kind) for another school.

Logi project - bespoke fence for Bordesley Green Primary School Garden