Our firepits

About our fire pits

At Logi Engineering we have developed a new fresh approach to producing garden art fire pits. Our methods have been researched, developed and tested for over a year to ensure our products are of the highest possible lasting quality.

Our fire pits are highly detailed high definition garden art fire pits they are all created by professional artists. These designs have the level of detail that can not be matched by more usual methods adopted by other producers.

Each fire pit has a built in ash-pan – now consequently removing any ash is quick and clean, no need to worry about the normal messy clean up associated with most fire pits. The ashpan can also be opened to allow the draw of extra air making it much easier to light the fire.

The base includes fixing holes for added security and stability. Different types of fixings are available to ensure our fire pits can be placed on most surfaces.

Our fire pits have a protective heat resistant coating that can withstand temperatures of 800+ degrees centigrade.

A built in ash-pan, a protective heat resistant and anti corrosion coating are fully included within the price, offering excellent value for money.

All our firepits are designed and individually made in the UK We embrace traditional British craft techniques and incorporate technological innovation.

Short lead time - our unique and flexible production process combined with our skilled customer focused workforce ensure we can provide a very quick, convenient and efficient service. We also have firepits usually available from the stock and can deliver within couple of days.

Our designs are created by professional artists. They are all high definition, highly detailed and incredibly accurate. Our designs are individually cut and inspected that they meet specification tolerances of +/- 0.2 mm. We also offer a truly bespoke design service – our artists and designers will work with you to turn your ideas to a beautiful and unique design.

Logi firepits made in UK by skilled craftsmen – 100% devoted to working with metal and have spent many years’ perfecting their trade.

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