We’ll be sharing any exciting news about the LOGI team here to keep you all involved. So, check back and see what new products we’re releasing and what exhibitions we are taking part in! Maybe we’re participating in charity events, meetings, hosting giveaways or we’ve been mentioned in a magazine or electronic media. Make sure to stay tuned to see what the team is up to!

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Our clients often ask us to add some practicality to our fire pits – so they can not only admire them but also cook on them. The LOGI team is

The Equestrian Fire Pit

Royal Ascot- an event which means a lot to horse lovers. Which is why it can be found on our Equestrian themed fire pit. The main theme of the fire

On this page we share news about new products, any exhibitions and shows we’re taking part in, various events- charity events, interesting meetings and any mentions we’ve had in magazines and electronic media.

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