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The Equestrian Design Fire Bowl


The Equestrian Design Fire Bowl with removable ash grate and sturdy legs  that fully complements the design . The Equestrian fire bowl will appeal to horse lovers everywhere. Different breeds and ages of horses adorn this beautiful fire bowl.

The Equestrian Design Fire Bowl - Fire Pit type of Finish - Media blasted Finish left to oxidise naturally.
Media blasted to create smooth edges. A natural (Unpainted) finish that will oxidise over time and leave a beautiful natural patina.
The Equestrian Design Fire Bowl - Heat and Weather resistant Pain Finished Fire pit
Coated with black high Heat resistant paint (Up to 800+ degrees Celsius) with built-in anti corrosion properties.
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-The Equestrian fire bowl will appeal to horse lovers everywhere. Different breeds and ages of horses adorn this beautiful fire bowl. Also the high definition design allows us to depict such fine details as the wind blowing through the horse’s mane as they run free. Similarly the fire bowl sits on sturdy legs that fully complement the equestrian design and add strength. This fire pit would make a wonderful centrepiece in any garden or horse yard.


Usually available from stock and shipped within 2 days.

Height           700 mm

Diameter      900 mm

Weight          45 kg

Material        Steel

Color             Black (Heat resistant paint) Or a Media Blasted smooth finish that will oxidise to create a beautiful natural patina over time.

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Fire pits have become popular because they offer many evenings of free or low-cost entertainment. Though fire pits can be dangerous if not properly used. So, follow these FIRE PIT SAFETY RULES

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