Fantasy fire pit, fantasy design fire pit

Fantasy design fire pit. Including a built-in ash pan.

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The Fantasy design fire pit featuring Fantasy Wire fairies Dancing with Dandelions, Wishmaker, Trillian and Anhali all set in a glorious woodland scene.



Fantasy design fire pit

Our Artist initially created the Fantasy design fire pit as a bespoke project for Fantasy Wire Limited. Who has given us kind permission to reproduce this design for our customers. In addition to the unique ‘ultra’ high definition and highly detailed design. The resulting theme features the best know Fantasy Wire fairies: ‘Dancing with Dandelions’, ‘Wishmaker’, ‘Trillian’ and ‘Anhali’ all set in a glorious woodland scene.  Our craftsmen meticulously create this high quality fire pit by hand here in the UK.  Our skilled workforce take great pride in making our products and ensure they meet our tough quality standard so our customers can enjoy for many years to come.  We include a built in ash-pan so removing any ash  is clean, quick and easy.

Customers can also have this fire pit tailored to suit their ideas. We undertake customisation and also complete bespoke work. Please call 01543 416742  to discuss options.

Further information on Fantasy wire products can be found on their website



Usually available from stock and shipped within 2 days.

Height           1200 mm

Diameter      900 mm

Weight          70 kg

Material        Steel

Color             Black (Heat resistant paint) Or Media Blasted smooth finish that will oxidise to create a beautiful natural patina over time.

Firepit Safety Rules

Fire pits have become popular because they offer many evenings of free or low-cost entertainment.  Though fire pits can be dangerous if not properly used.  So, follow these FIRE PIT SAFETY RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS:

Before using your fire pit, make sure you understand your city or county’s regulations regarding their use. Some cities prohibit their use completely, and hefty fines could be imposed if you don’t abide by local the rules and regulations.

Place your fire pit in a flat, open area.

Avoid areas with trees, especially trees with low-hanging branches.

Do not place a fire pit on a slope.

When purchasing a fire pit, always plan the installation, use a fire screen for extra protection if necessary.

Do not place your fire pit near a hedge or a building as a spark could start an unwanted fire.

Don’t place a fire pit in an enclosed area because fumes from it can be harmful without proper ventilation.

When possible, place your pit on concrete, dirt, or gravel or hardstanding. Avoid placing the pit on or around grass or leaves, and never light a pit if nearby grass it is too dry.

Ensure any seating and other surrounding furniture near your firepit are not flammable. Also, ensure your immovable seats are positioned properly for enjoyment without danger: 1.2 meters is the optimal distance for fire safety.

Keep a first aid kit nearby for any accidental burns.

Start your fire small and only use the recommended fire starters. DO NOT start the fire with petrol or other flammable liquid – it is HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Before lighting, check the local weather forecast for wind conditions that can blow embers across significant distances. Avoid windy conditions. Also stay up to date on any burn bans that might be in effect at different times during the year. Don’t wear flammable clothing (like nylon) or any loose-fitting clothing. Avoid using soft woods like pine or cedar, because they can “pop” and throw sparks. Do not put house coal on the fire, wood only. Only natural firewood or commercial logs may be burnt in fire pits, materials such as scrap timber, recyclable items, garden waste, or flammable liquids are prohibited  from being burnt in fire pits. Doing some surrounding area cleaning, like picking up leaves and other combustible materials is important to ensure the fire doesn’t accidentally spread. Always have a container of water or fire extinguisher nearby and a garden hose on standby before starting the fire. Check fire extinguisher is in good working order and has not exceeded any expiration date. Use safety gloves when handling a hot fire pit or ash pan. Use correct tools like poker or long arm tongs if necessary to move burning logs. Never pile wood too high, the higher the wood is piled the larger and hotter the flame. Do not leave a lit or glowing firepit unattended. Use screens for protection from wind to prevent any sparks or embers from flying out. Do not use fire pit for cooking any form of food.

To get a fire started, put a crumpled piece of paper or a shop-bought fire starter in the pit, and cover with small dry sticks.

As the fire begins to burn, add larger and larger sticks until you’re finally able to add a log or two, use fire resistant gloves or welders gauntlets to protect hands. But whatever you do, NEVER start a fire with flammable liquid. It’s way too dangerous.

The ash pan can be opened slightly do create additional airflow which will aid the process of starting the fire. Once the initial fire is burning sufficiently ensure the ash pan is closed and remains closed at during burning. ALWAYS USE HEAT PROTECTIVE GLOVES WHEN HANDLING ASH PAN – HANDLE WILL GET VERY HOT AND CAN CAUSE BURNS.

Children and pets must be supervised at all times when the fire pit is lit as the steel does become very hot.

Children and pets  should not be allowed near fire pits, and they should be supervised by adults at all times.

Make sure to extinguish the fire completely once you have finished using it.

The best way to extinguish a fire is to take the ashes, spread them over a large non-combustible area, protected from any wind and let them cool down for a while. Then take a container of water and gently pour it over the ashes but monitor it. Don’t just throw some water on it and go to bed because it can flare up in the night. Alternatively let the burnt ash fully cool, remove ash pan and empty contents into a suitable bin or container.

If a stray ember from your fire pit does escape and sets alight nearby kindling, trees, grass, fence or other combustible surface. Immediately call the Fire Service.

2 reviews for Fantasy design fire pit. Including a built-in ash pan.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robin Wight

    We are delighted with our fire pit. It looks great unlit in day light, but its breathtaking when its lit up at night.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gill Spencer

    Just received our Fantasy Fairy firepit. Absolutely thrilled. Derek is a true professional and master of his craft. I have been a fan of Robin Wright’s fairies since his first one and this tribute firepit is spectacular.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Gill Spencer
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